The future is digital, ICT develops new techniques for creating and displaying photorealistic computer graphics.

It  is a best tool ever made which makes maths a playful experience.  It enhance the child’s mathematical ability.


A place of researchers and developers. It’s an educational portal equipped with, science kits and chemicals.

A scoop for favorite activity focused on experimenting with creativity.

Art lab offer a gateway to the collection allowing the students to explore their creativity, “Big ideas with little artist.”

A place full of divinity, experiments and learning tempo, rhythm, pitch, and harmony.

Is  a fun leisure activity on surface with roller skates. It is a form of recreational activity as well as a sport.

A gentlemen’s game! Played in the vast field, cricket stands in the international arena, with a place of its own.

Is a very popular sport worldwide, played on a rectangular court.


The vertical jum is an athletic skill which is emphasized in this sport. Students are trained in number of consistent techniques.

A wonderful sport played with alarming speed, as known as ping-pong.

Also called as action sports full of excitements and unusual adventurous activities.

A  Library is a collection of sources of information.  It provides physical or digital access to material.

Is a racket sport played on a lush green lawn.  It is popular all own the world.

The sport of athletics is a collection of sporting events on a spacious round track, established on the skills of running, jumping and throwing.

Ideal for all types of dances with walled mirror to see and improve on posture and techniques.

Shooting sport is a competitive sport involving tests of proficiency (accuracy and speed)