Holi Celebration 2020

SOC Workshop 2020

5th Annual Science Exhibition 2020

FETE 2019

Management Blessing Ceremony 2019

Robotics 2019

Sport Day 2019

Fancy Dress Competition 2019

Fitness Week Celebration 2019

15th August Celebration 2019

Annual Day celebrated on 20 January 2019
The students sharing their hobbies and interests with the students from Russia through a video chat.The connection has been established through epals emailing and forum community for schools to partner with.The objective of the activity was to know the methodology of teaching and learning English outside India and exchange of learning and experience.The aim focuses on improving communication skills amongst students.In this course speaking skills were observed and connection became more pragmatic through the activity and embraced global culture.The primary objective of our school is to introduce or boost international learning,collaborating and fostering relationship with other institutions overseas that will aid the development as an international educator.
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