1. Children who have completed three years of age during the time of admission will be considered for Nursery.

2. We offer spot admissions from nursery to grade 5. From grade 6th to 9th an entrance exams would be conducted as a part of the admission process.

3. The exam is conducted to check the basic level of the child in English, Mathematics and Hindi. The syllabus for the entrance exam would be the same as the grade the child had appeared the exam for in the previous school.
Eg: if you were in 6th grade and are applying for 7th then the syllabus would be of 6th grade. You can prebook your entrance exam dates by calling 07507710044 or writing to us at essence @neis.in

4. Necessary documents to be provided at the time of admission.
i) Birth certificate original (1st std) photocopy for all the rest.
ii) The child’s Aadhar card photocopy
iii) The latest electricity bill
iv) Passport size photographs of : the child: 5 | Father: 2 | Mother : 2
v) From grade 2nd onwards: Transfer Certificate and report card from the previous school is mandatory.
If you have any queries, feel free to get in touch with us.