Personal integrity, strong morals with a spirit of brotherhood and a respect for mother nature.

Sound educational method to prepare our young ones to evolve as wholesome individuals by developing their Character and Personality through a combination of curricular, extracurricular and sporting activities.

Nairs Essence International School (NEIS) is committed to provide much more than mere transmission of information and skills acquired through compartmentalized syllabi. True education begins with knowing and understanding the child. At NEIS, the child and the teacher together weave a world of discovering, building and sharing of new hopes and new vistas.


The school believes in the philosophy of learning with responsibility. Hence, along side imparting the skills, the school focuses on instilling values in the children. This, we believe, is essential for a world that is turning out to be more and more individualistic and asocial. We encourage children to imbibe the values of being respectful, disciplined, sharing, caring, empathetic and responsible citizens. School will provide a special book of Good Conduct.

The school is in constant contact with the parents and works in close partnership with the parents in supporting the intellectual and emotional growth of the children. We encourage the parents to have personal meetings with the concerned teachers to discuss any matter relating to the academic life of their child.